"These objects have been developed in response to, or as a product of, my interest in the tradition of the Miniature. Bonsai, dollhouse, dioramas, architectural models, and model trains... just a small fraction of the vast realm of the miniature. However, they all serve as man-made representations of an untouched, utopianized environment. They are idealized settings that are built, maintained, manipulated and monitored by people. They embody a system of complete control over a "natural environment  something I think is a very pertinent topic of discussion for our contemporary context.

"My interest in creating small scale objects/places lies in the relationship between the conceptual underpinnings of the idealized miniature and the evolving relationship between man and nature. My intention is that the finished objects may serve as historical reflections, as well as subtle predictions."

Jeremy Mora 
   In Memoriam, 2011
   Waiting for the Water, 2008
   New Sculpture, 2007