Daniel Arnold

Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art is pleased to present New Photographs, an exhibition of works by Brooklyn-based street photographer Daniel Arnold, in his first solo exhibition in San Francisco.

A Garry Winogrand for the digital age, Arnold has taken thousands of photos of people on the streets of New York, some surreptitiously captured candids, some more formal, and posted them to his Instagram account, where he now has over 50,000 followers. Like Winogrand and Friedlander before him, Arnold is a master of capturing the subtle moments and interactions - by turns humorous and poignant - experienced by city residents and visitors as they go about their everyday lives around him. Unlike his forebears, however, he makes his images available to literally thousands of people instantly through social media.
Having recently completed a major subway series for the New Yorker, Arnold now brings his unique observational approach to San Francisco. In the coming weeks, he plans to direct his lens toward the City's newest, and most controversial residents, those working at Google, Twitter, Facebook and the like, photographing them candidly as they work, commute, and experience life along the streets of San Francisco. The project's culmination will be this exhibition of new photographs at Wolfe Contemporary.

Daniel Arnold comes from from a family of eight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A writer and self-taught photographer, he is widely known for his candid, covert snapshots of New York City subway riders and street scenes. He is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured in the New Yorker, Forbes, Gawker, and The Huffington Post, among many others.