Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art is pleased to present Controlled Environments, a winter group exhibition. Featured artists include Kim Keever, Davida Nemeroff, Christine Nguyen, Heidi Norton, and Wintergarten, Ltd. 

The artists of Controlled Environments explore the ties between nature and artifice, and the interplay of environments natural and built, interior and exterior, physical and psychological. Their approaches range from an observational sense of remove from the objects and places portrayed, to a surreal reverence and near-immersion into them, while their methods draw upon juxtaposition, context, and a heightened scrutiny of objects and their given surroundings.

All five artists have exhibited widely across the U.S. and abroad. With the exceptions of Kim Keever and Heidi Norton, this will be the artists' first exhibition in San Francisco. 

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Controlled Environments
   Jan 12 - Feb 24, 2012

   Kim Keever
   Davida Nemeroff
   Christine Nguyen  
   Heidi Norton
   Wintergarten, Ltd.