Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art is pleased to present Transitions, a group exhibition curated by gallery artist Todd Lanam.

The Impressionist critic Gustave Geffroy once wrote, Art does not proceed without a certain incompletion, because the life it produces is in perpetual transformation. The Impressionists were amongst the first to recognize this predicament. How does the painter, working from nature, encapsulate into a fixed image something that is always changing? The natural world is one of temporality and transition. Light, color, and even geography are in constant flux.

This exhibition showcases the work of painters who, through diverse methods, attempt to represent the element of change in the natural world. In doing so, they embody an experience of nature rather than a simple vision of it, reminding us that our world is one of transience and alteration.

Gail Dawson, Christopher Russell, Ted Andersen, and Nif Hodgson, are Bay Area painters who, throughout their career have turned to nature as a source of inquiry and inspiration. Transitions, presents an exciting survey of the most recent work of these innovative artists.

   Jan 10 - Feb 28, 2014

   Ted Andersen
   Gail Dawson
   Nif Hodgson
   Christopher Russell