Jud Bergeron

From Rubber Duckies to Cubism, San Francisco based sculptor Jud Bergeron examines the trials and tribulations of parenthood through sculpture.

Exploring the multi-faceted experience of becoming a parent, Bergeron's works address the various stages and emotions involved in the transition, ranging from confusion to euphoria. Works such as "Quack-Quack" - a child's antique pedal car featuring an atom bomb explosion-shaped eruption of rubber duckies - embody the surreal and sometimes overwhelming experience of new parenthood in sculptural form. As a whole, the combination of works on view is intended to be an immersive experience for viewers, effecting a sense of disorientation and wonder.

Jud Bergeron is a Bay Area sculptor residing in San Francisco. His sculpture has been exhibited throughout North America and Europe (including a 2009 solo exhibition with Wolfe Contemporary). Bergeron works in myriad styles and materials but generally gravitates towards permanent materials. He has been awarded public art commissions in a number of cities around the country and his sculpture has been in museum shows and is included in many important private collections. Most importantly, he is the father of 2.