paul mullins

American, b. 1970, Charleston, WV
Lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA

The drawings and paintings of Paul Mullins offer high quantities of memory, class, and place, with an underpinning of years spent probing the questionable construct of masculinity.

The works can be at once both enthusiastic and apprehensive about the imagery with which they are replete: iconography plundered from the cheapest of cultural sources, and associated with ways of life that contemporary coastal Americans should supposedly regard as less successful, if not outright undesirable. 

For much of his career, Mullins has contemplated the changing (or unchanging) social positions in the U.S.  His own lived history as an Appalachian native combines with a curiosity and affection for art-making as an undertaking (described more and more as a business) that is ( and always has been) concentrated in a few areas that are characterized by great wealth.

Mullins received his MFA from Ohio University in 1994.  He has exhibited widely across the United States.

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